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Behind the Glowing Facades

These are pictures from my wanderings around the city - Hong Kong. Instead of the iconic neon lights or the spectacle of endless towers reaching to the sky, I look at textures of backstreets, alleys by the harbour, empty beaches in the darkness of small hours, and the not so popular seafood restaurant. Visualisations of encounters with unexpected lifeforms. Every photograph is a symptom of my situated subjectivity: they reflect my emotions, memories, and experiences. Solitude, tiredness of busy life, pointlessness, hopeful longing. I want to examine the relationship between front and back, habited and inhabited, exploitable and unavailable. I like the randomness in how people arrange their things, resulting in the urban aesthetic specific to Hong Kong.  I am documenting my encounters behind the glowing facade, as-is: mundane organic randomness. I am describing a space where equivocal semiosis offers no taken-for-granted interpretations.

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